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Sales Associates Commission Structure
(Effective from 1st May 2023 till further communication)
Plans Subscription Renewal
Guaranteed Leads Plans 40% 15%
Listing Plans 40% 15%
Terms and Conditions *
1. Irrespective of the lead source - self, company provided, ads, etc... if the customer has never taken any of our services it will be considered as a Subscription sale and company will provide the entitled commission.
2. If the customer has taken any of our services previously and is renewing or same customer / company taking a different service will be considered as a Renewal customer, if the lead is a part of our existing sales database.
3. Renewal amount will go to the person who is closing the renewal deal, however the first preference will be given to the person originating the first deal, in case the person is not working with us anymore the lead will then be passed on to the best available representative. Once the person has discontinued the work or is not active he has no right over the renewals commission & any customers data that belongs to the company should not be used for any other purpose.
4. The person who meets the customer or closes the Sale is the one entitled for above commission, no matter how many times other people have communicated with customer or following up over phone or any other media. The SA needs to claim the customer within 7 days by providing the requisite details as required by the management.
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